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  Metal Fabrication Vancouver provides a customer-driven, single-source solution for your metal fabrication needs. Our team consists of highly skilled, dedicated craftsmen and managing professionals that have the exacting skills to produce the results you desire on budget.

Regardless of the size of each project we bring:

  50 years combined experience in metal fabrication.
  Veteran knowledge to properly plan and predict accurate timelines.
  Project managers that have strong communication skills, provide valuable feedback at each project milestone.
  Highly skilled tradesmen that can meet your expectations and demands.
  Competitive pricing.
We can meet your expectations. Take advantage of our free consultation today which includes the following:
  • Assessment and recommendations of your metal fabrication requirements.
  • Project measurements.
  • Project timeline and cost quotes.
  • Recommendations on all tax credit, cost savings and financing options that can be applied to your project.
  • Please note that due to the excessive demand for quality fabrication work in British Columbia's construction cycle we currently only service calls that will provide a minimum quote of $5,000.00 CDN.

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